Seed Forum: first time in Lithuania

This morning we had a very interesting event in Radisson BLU Astorija in Vilnius. An audience of approximately fifty VC market insiders gathered to welcome Seed Forum, listen to eight pitches form regional startups, and to simply network.

In between one sentence power pitches, and more regular seven minutes-long presentation, we’ve listened to several speeches, delivered by ambassador of Norway, bankers, lawyers, and representatives from Invest in Lithuania and Sunrise valley. The speeches were very brief, but all of them had a similar message: there is attention to Lithuanian startups and considerable momentum to assist them.

As for the pitches, we had a set of very timely well prepared and structured messages.  Surprisingly, most of them didn’t go for a million(s), which we saw a lot lately: most of them were by far more modest, hence kept themselves very realistic. At least two of foreign pitchers have admitted that they will establish presence in Lithuania, which was very delightful to hear, especially as “Portahead” ( from Norway said they will have their Baltic HQ in Lithuania.

I would single out Catch the eye (, which had extremely sexy numbers and very positive message, and seem to be defining a new distinct trend(s).

Other pitches included:


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